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Image:Steve Crocker (square crop).jpg|right|thumb|Steve Crocker in 2005 Image:SteveCrockerJI1.jpg|right|thumb|Steve Crocker '''Stephen D. Crocker''' (born October 15, 1944, in Pasadena, California) is the inventor of the Request for Comments series,"I Remember IANA", V. Cerf, RFC 2468, October 17, 1998. authoring the very first RFCHost Software, S. Crocker, RFC 0001, April 1969. and many more.[ "RFC Index"], Internet Engineering Task Force. Retrieved 14 September 2013. He received his bachelor's degree (1968) and PhD (1977) from the University of California, Los Angeles. Crocker is chair of the board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN. Steve Crocker has worked in the Internet community since its inception. As a UCLA graduate student in the 1960s, he was part of the team that developed the protocols...
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